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     1= Membership Survey =
    13This is the draft survey to send to membership in advance of the member meeting in September.
    2 The first half of this message was from Mallory's message.  My few additions start about halfway down.  This is just a first and limited draft, but hopefully a starting off point for further brainstorming.  I think if there are specific ideas about topics to discuss at the September meeting, it might be good to begin to introduce them here.
    5 Email: Do you use the following:
    6         * Gmail or Google Mail
    7         * Yahoo Mail
    9 Social Networking: Do you use Facebook?
    11 Social Networking: If so, what are your reasons? (Check all that apply):
    12         * maintain personal relationships
    13         * maintain professional relationships
    14         * to store content like pictures, notes, book reviews
    15         * to share content such as pictures, notes, book reviewss
    17 Online user accounts: How many user accounts do you have currently?
    18         * 0 - 5
    19         * 5 - 15
    20         * 15 - 50
    21         More than 50
    22         I don't know
    24 Online user accounts: How would you rate your use of passwords on a scale from 0 - 5? A rating of 5 indicates very secure use, such as all passwords are unique, randomly generated, contain characters, numbers, and letters, and are not discoverable by anyone but you.
    26 Computer sharing: Which of the following apply to your regular computer use:
    27         * I use public computers
    28         * I allow others to use my computer
    29         * I access the Internet with multiple computers
    31 Storage: Do you use cloud services, or online storage, to store the following:
    32         * Personal files
    33         * Work files
    34         * I don't use cloud services
    35         * I don't know what cloud services are
    37 Mobile phones: What online things do you do with your mobile phone?
    38         Check email
    39         Use chat (not SMS)
    40         Login to Facebook
    41         Tweet
    42         Use/connect with public wifi connections
    44 Concerns: What are your biggest security concerns when it comes to using the Internet?
    46 Philosophy: Generally speaking, how do you ensure that your identity and online data are secure?
    49 Hilary question additions:
    50 these obviously need some editing, up to date information, etc.  some might be ok, some not appropriate.  let me know what feels like it's going in the right direction, and what is off the mark.  also, in the meeting last week, someone, perhaps Alfredo, suggested a good way to introduce the demographic information, but I couldn't remember how he had phrased the question.
    54 How much does being a member of a progressive technology organization factor into your relationship with May First/People Link? (badly worded)
    56 Or
     5== Membership questions ==
    587We view May First/People Link as a membership organization.  To us this means a collaborative network made up of a diverse array of member organizations and individual allies that believe technology plays a critical role in movements for social change and the need for collective action to harness this power away from commercial interests.
    599        * Very Important           
    6010        * Sort of Important     
    6212        * I'm only interested in web hosting services
     14Are you aware of the projects that May First/People Link are involved with in addition to server hosting?  (circle all that apply)
    65 Are you aware of the projects that May First/People Link are involved with in addition to server hosting?[br]
    66 (circle all that apply)
    6716        * World Social Forum
    6817        * US Social Forum
    7221        * et. et. (fill in list)
    74 What projects would you like to know more about?
    75 (circle all that apply)
     23What projects would you like to know more about?  (circle all that apply)
    7625        * World Social Forum
    7726        * US Social Forum
    8332Do you read the monthly Lowdown's for details on May First People Link activities?
    8434        * Every month
    8535        * Most months
    8737        * What's the Lowdown?
    89 Are there ways that you would like to be more engaged?
    90 (circle all that apply)
     39Are there ways that you would like to be more engaged?  (circle all that apply)
    9141        * Decision making power
    9242        * More specific report backs or updates
    9848(Please list)
    100 Are there other specific services that you would like May First/People Link to offer?
    101 Text entry... or list - Are there specific options that would be appropriate here? - I wouldn't want to offer options that you are not equipped to or interested in providing...
     51Text entry
     53== Meeting Questions ==
     55What are two most important technology areas May First/People Link should pursue:
     57 * Video (live video streaming and/or video storage)
     58 * ...
     59 * ...
     60 * ...
     62What general directions should MFPL go:
     64 * More training
     65 * More technology services
     66 * More robust/faster servers
     68Are there other specific services or technologies that you would like May First/People Link to offer?
    104 MEETING QUESTIONS:  I'm not sure how to draft these questions - they are specific to the membership meeting - so that will depend on the agenda, etc.
    10773(on more thought, I don't this this survey should be used to educate about the questions regarding open source software.  i think this would be a place to gather information to see where people are - do they use open source, are they open to open source, are they still dependent on proprietary software, etc., and then use that information to more effectively communicate about the issue in the Lowdown and at the Member meeting.  Just my $.02 - HG)