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     1== How do I transfer my desktop email program to May First/People Link? ==
     3Following are directions for how to transfer your email from your existing Internet Service Provider to May First/People Link using a desktop email program like Thunderbird. If you haven't already, please read the overview on transferring email ([wiki:transfer_email How do I transfer my email?]). The general idea is to configure your email program to use two different accounts: one account is your existing Internet Service Provider and the second account is May First/People Link. Below are the steps:
     5 1. Using the [ May First Control Panel], create email accounts for yourself and anyone else using your domain name.
     6 1. With the email program that you use to access your existing email account (like Thunderbird, or Outlook or Mac Mail), create a new account. For directions, please see [wiki:email_configure How do I configure my email program?].
     7 1. Edit the settings used for accessing your existing email account. If the incoming server settings are set using your domain name, you will need to change those. If you are not sure what to change them to, please contact support and tell us what they are currently set to.
     9At this point - your email program should be configured to access mail from ''both'' your existing Internet Service Provider ''and'' May First People Link. Now it is safe to make the switch. After the switch is made, simply drag all your email from the old account into the May First/People Link account and you will be ready to go.