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     1= How do I delist our servers from sorbs? =
     3[ Sorbs] is a spam black list that is particularly aggressive. It requires all servers sending email to have a mx record and requires the time to live on your mx record to be great than 43200 seconds (12 hours).
     5If a server is being blocked by sorbs you might see a message like the following in the mail log:
     8Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Dynamic IP Addresses See:
     13If you get this message, ensure that the server being blocked has the domain information properly configured:
     160 jamie@liberace:scripts$ dig -t mx | grep -A1 "ANSWER SECTION"
     17;; ANSWER SECTION:    86400   IN      MX      0
     190 jamie@liberace:scripts$
     22In the example above (for, the result shows that an MX record is in place and the time to live is greater than 43200.
     24If the server in question does not emit a response like this, fix the DNS record for the server and try again.
     26Next, request that the server be de-listed here: