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Debug Email Delivery

There are many different varieties of Email delivery problems.

I didn't get the email from XXXX =

The first step is to figure out which MOSH the email address should be receiving mail on. You can either look it up in the control panel, or run dig, e.g. if the email address ends in

dig -t mx

Note: it is really important to be sure that email is supposed to be delivered to an MF/PL server before you continue trouble shooting. Many people will complain about not receiving email when they have their MX record configured to send to gmail or they are forwarding messages off the server.

Once you are sure they should be receiving email on one of our servers, login and run either: mf-find-email-from <email@address> or mf-find-email-to <email@address>

These commands output all email sent or received by a given email address today (i.e. /var/log/mail.log). If you want to search previous days, you can specify a different mail log using the second argument, e.g.:mf-find-email-from <email@address> /var/log/mail.log.1.gz