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Debirf Image on KVM guest

debirf is a minimal debian installation that runs entirely in RAM, allowing you to have full access to any underlying disks (among other benefits).

To boot a KVM guest to debirf, first ensure that you have a debirf .iso file in /usr/local/share/ISOs on the host (if not, you can download a pre-built one.

Then, create a symlink from /home/<guest>/vms/<guest>/cd.iso to this downloaded file and shutdown the guest.

You can access the debirf image via the kvm console (ssh <guest>@<host> screen -x).

Login as root (with no password).


You can setup networking with the following commands:

ip= gateway= && \
 ip addr add "$ip" dev eth0 && \
 ip link set dev eth0 up && \
 ip route add default via "$gateway" dev eth0
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf