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CSISAC – Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council

The Voice of Civil Society at the OECD ICCP - liaison@…

Membership Request Form

Please provide all of the information requested to CSISAC liaison at liaison@… in order to process your application.

For Organizations:

  1. Endorse the Seoul Declaration ( The name of your organization will be added in the list of signatories. Send your endorsement to liaison@….
  2. Organization Description / URL
  3. Please indicate the themes of interest of your organization
  4. Members of the organization who will join CSISAC's work

Please, remember that CSISAC Membership is open to civil society participants who:

  • Endorse the Civil Society Seoul Declaration:
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the public interest; and
  • Do not represent any business, technical organization, government entity or other institution that sets public policy (e.g., ICANN, RIR, WIPO staff)

For questions regarding membership or the membership application, please contact liaison@…