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     1= Coordinators Meeting: 2014-05-01 =
     3= Reports by WG =
     5== Support Team ==
     7  * Heart Bleed: we have patched all servers and updated all certificates (kudos to Steve and Ross). We also discovered a problem with encryption between servers that is separate from Heart Bleed, which Ross has fixed. We will be sending a communication to members now to urge them to change their password.
     8  * Yahoo: changed policy that results in messages from Yahoo being blocked. This was resolved via re-building the way we send bulk email to use a series of relay servers. All outgoing messages from Yahoo have the from address re-written.
     9  * Face to face meeting scheduled for this saturday.
     10  Question: mx1 users can't change their passwords without admin intervention. We need to complete the transition from mx1 to MF/PL infrastructure. Answer: We will address in support team meeting saturday.
     11  Question: the MX1 users don't have ownership of their domain. Will this be addressed in the transition? Answer: In the past, Laneta has registered domains for people. There are still dozens of domains whose owners don't have the registration under their name. There have been several problems over last few weeks.
     12  Propose: write a transition plan for Laneta Transition. Jamie and Enrique should revisit our exising transition plans, revise and send to the LC. Then the LC should communicate to members.
     14== Membership Team ==
     16 * People Links program last week on Heart Bleed: went well, need to follow up and post audio. More than last time, but still not a lot
     17 * Met last week, identified list of projects and issues
     18 * Need to work on privacy policy: in touch with EFF
     19 * Working on why I'm a member survey.
     21== Admin team ==
     23 * Louis is not able to be the coordinator
     24 * Pablo has been asked, waiting on confirmation.
     25 * Don't yet have team structure - created team page, updating payment request form
     26 * All budgets have been made and sent around last week
     27 * Support team is over budget on x509 certificates ($800 over)
     28 * Sandra available as coordinator: but needs interpretation
     29 * MX Coop met and chose a book-keeper: first goal to close Enrique's accounts, will start learning GnuCash (same program used in US)
     30 * May need to add some accounts based on MX coop law
     32== Outreach ==
     34 * No members from outreach on the call
     35 * MagNET: Hilary and Alfredo had a discussion about our role as co-anchors. There was a vote to disolve the co-anchorship - which passed. It was a move made by MagNET, but made in recognition of the need to re-organize our relationship to MagNET so it can be made more productive. JG: We should consider our capacity for coalition work when considering our strategic planning.
     36 * We have a wire frame - version 2 has been produced and waits on approval. We may need to revisit with an eye to Mexican Coop integration. Lots of developments in Mexico - including coop-related projects. For example: planning meetings/workshops in Mexico City and Chiapas. MX Coop decided they wanted to use the main web site, but there are problems: not all content is translated, also need for spanish content translated into english. We need a way for the web site to easily show MX. Web site should emphasize binational nature of organization. Jamie/Enrique: work on language to describe how to better achieve the functionality of switching between both english and spanish ''and'' between mexico and the US.
     37 DECISION: 1) we approve the wireframe 2) We want the web site to clearly communicate and funcation as a bi-national organization 3) Enrique and Jamie will collaborate on summary of how to achive this, which may include minor changes to the wireframe.
     39== Internationalization ==
     41 * We have not been able to meet - Mallory/Juan Gerardo starting planning on next meeting by email
     42 * Jackson Rising: the special election was not won by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, which changes the political possibilities of the conference, so we decided to cancel Juan Gerardo's participation in the conference.
     43 * APC Business: big council meeting happening beginning June. Hilary, Ross, and Abi are all going. Hilary on council planning committee. Must provide report back on MF/PL work this past year.
     44  * We are organizing the Access Denied event: we should focus on building networks internationally to build our legal/technical collaboration with similar organizations.
     45  * We should establish specific goals. One goal from the membership meeting: expanding in other countries - one goal should seek people who could organize a similar group as the one in Mexico.
     46  * We should also seek resources and information around organizing across languages and culture
     47  * DECISION: Each working group will write a brief report on their activities over the last year to contribute
     49= Other Issues =
     51 * Group in Brazil called Sarava - progressive group managing servers - had hard disks seized. MF/PL should express support. DECISION: we agreed to draft and send.
     52 * Mobilization around telecom reform. Distributed thousands of flyers during the protest - 6 different banners
     53Issue of Treasurer: still waiting on two proposals being  written and submitted to LC
     55= Strategic Plan =
     57 * JG made two proposals via LC: we will wait until next coordinators meeting to decide on which of the two proposals we will approve.