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     1= Coordinators Meeting 2014-04-17 =
     3== Support team report back ==
     5 * Heart Bleed: nearly complete, will send communication to members encouraging them to change their password soon, pending a fix to the encryption used between the control panel and our servers.
     6 * Yahoo/DMARC: new proposal, re-write the From address for email messages sent from Yahoo email addresses to be from mayfirst. We decided to implement this change immediately, and notify the LC to ask for objections in 24 hours
     7 * Alfredo proposed that the LC commend the support team on their work on HeartBleed. Alfredo will dratf
     8 * Support team working on panelists for People Links presentation next week on HeartBleed - we have Abi, we plan to ask Steve R and we are trying to recruit a women to balance the gender participation
     9 * No update on CiviCRM membership project
     11== Membership/Admin ==
     13 * The team has not met since the split of admin from membership - so nothing to report yet.
     14 * Outreach around People Links: ask that everyone on LC assist with outreach
     15 * Pablo reported that the Mexico Cooperative Council met. Francia and Sandra will join the admin working group. Pablo will be in both admin and membership. The other commissions will meet and ensure that each commission will have someone represented in each working group.
     16 * Hilary is working on getting the budgets into the accounting system - we now have separate budgets for each team and a total budget. The total is closer to $160,000 due to necessary adjustments.
     17 * JG: suggests that until the LC works out the details for treasury and process, we continue spending money using the same procedures that we did last year
     19== Outreach ==
     21 * Closure of the Brecht Forum: Alfredo and Maritza attended their closing meeting, where they announced they are going into bankruptcy to get out from under $500,000 in debt.
     22    * We issued a statement on HeartBleed and Alfredo wrote a column in This Can't Be Happening.
     23 * Alfredo travelling to: Knowledge Convergence in Washington, DC on surveillance (includes meetings at Library of Congress and Senator Al Franken, followed by Jackson Rising conference on Alternative Economy in Jackson (joined by Juan Gerardo).
     24 * Other conferences: Left Forum, Allied Media Conference (major event, including all day network gathering, including partnership with Free Press)
     25 * Distributed draft of intentionality statement
     26 * Alfredo participating in State University of New York conference in academic conference
     27 * Important situation in Mexico: Constitutional Reform on Telecommunications passed last year, this year laws are being passed that derive from it. Threat that some laws may contradict net neutrality or restrict access to the Internet. Pablo: the coop is forming a working team to document what is happening with these laws
     29== International ==
     31 * Hasn't met, but has several issues to address:
     32 * Mexico Telecom issues
     33 * APC gathering in Barcelona
     34 * Trans Pacific Partnership
     35 * Organizing translation/interpretation
     36 * Juan Gerardo and Alfredo will work on scheduling a meeting with Mallory
     38== Strategic Plan ==
     40 * There are three proposals for how to proceed: these will be written up by their advocates and presented to the LC for discussion and decision.