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     1= 2014-01-31 Meeting =
     3Coordination Meeting - Jan 30
     5Present: Jamie, Alfredo, Hilary, Dana, Ross, Abi, Stephen (mv), Enrique
     8Reportback from work teams:
     10Outreach (Alfredo)
     12Preliminary calendar of conferences with a dozen events. Now up on the calendar on share
     13Next week's meeting - will approve budget and preliminary work plan
     14Prepared statement on the net neutrality decision - different frame from the general discussion on the issues.
     15Alfredo went to Detroit for AMC prep the week before last
     16        we're coordinating one of the network gatherings attached to a track.  track is being coordinated by many folks including reps from apc, cmj, etc.
     17        need to figure out how to organize that gathering
     18need to prepare propopsals for other conferences including the labor notes, left forum, etc.
     19Point for discussion - how does the focus change in our net neutrality process impact our upcoming workshops
     20Alfredo has acquired 12-15 press contacts.  Hasn't gotten the list from CMJ yet, but is in process.
     21Working on civicrm - need training and installation to get this prepped.
     23Install is done - but we need to migrate the data.
     24Is there someone that can do training?  - Jamie has offered to do this for Alfredo and Hilary
     25Abi is also interested in the training.
     27Jamie - question about the anniversary of Aaron Swarz's death - The Day We Fight Back
     28        there's a call tomorrow with the stop watching us coalition.
     29        the main event is Feb 11th.  We've already signed on our support.  We need to figure out how to communicate the plan to our members.  Right now the main plan is to support calls to legislators to get behind the Freedom Bill.
     32Membership and admin working group - Hilary
     34Hilary: We have not met yet, meeting today at 4pm. The main question if there specific needs and reports needed for the f2f?
     35Jamie: ???
     36Hilary: need to get the last invoices
     37Alfredo: most important report is membership, the info is scewed. If we can get a picture of those that left or those that joined
     38Jamie: we can get how many joined, but not sure about how many have left
     39Alfredo: we have to as close as we possibly can, i know what the problem is.
     40Jamie: we do not have a date assigned to when the leave.
     41Alfredo: of the people that are inactive, when does that extend from, which date, when you tell me that they are inactive
     42Jamie we never purged that info, might be a bad idea.
     43Alfredo: need a picture if we are going in net or not.
     44Hilary: not in a great way just added a reporting system a couple months ago. It will show a snap shot. Wonder if civicrm will be able to do things like that to track dates of expiration or inactive.
     45Alfredo: CiviCRM needs to level measure of activity, where they are, areas of interest.
     46Jamie: CiviRegion has that info when they are entered.
     47Hialry: We do not have it as of yet
     48Alfredo: administration needs that info, so that members and outreach can organize. If we can get a feeling for the actual members we have. LC needs to stat analyzing the membership. Question about the People Link project and campaign, how is it shaping up?
     49Hilary: we have confirmed the first 4 participants starting in march. Aaron is supposed to be working on some design for an online web flyer.
     50Alfredo: topics?
     51Hilary: APC doing about gender violance online, Yes men copyright and online activism, SIDS doing tech training, (Missed one) We can add others like net neutrality or more.
     52Alfredo: How are we going to get the members there.
     53Hilary: we need to think strategically about the outreach.
     54Alfredo: we are going to put a webpage?
     55Hilary: Not sure how much promotion on the homepage cause unsure how many visit
     56Open to outside of members to build interest. Factored in is discussion of what mayfirst is.
     57Abi: I think just from the topics a lot of people from the NLG will be interested. IN the latest issue of NLG encouraging all NLG folks to be members.
     59Enrique: Hilary and I will meet before the LC meeting to train in GnuCash, our accounting system.  this will help us integrate our two systems. 
     60There was a meeting last Monday on the Coop initiative.  21 people came to the presentation, representing organizations, the majority were MFPL members.  Lots of media, human rights and labor activists, food sovereignty movement, coop movement members and from the progressive catholic church.  The goal was to introduce the proposal and get feedback and to identify people that want to join the coop.  We have now at least 10 people who are willing to participate and represent their organizations inside the core team of the coop.  We will develop 4? stages in this body.  Juan Gerardo is arranging the agenda to create the coop.  We think that by mid-Feb, we will have the assembly already reporting the creation of the cooperative.  Great achievement both in organizing and political connections. We received several greetings from people in the gathering from 3 important organizations who are in the progressive movement here.  We're happy and hopeful about these developments.
     61Notes can be found here:
     63International team
     64There's a meeting today - Mallory is the coordinator, but is not on the call today.  She won't be on the call but left notes for the meeting participants to discuss.  The APC staff is meeting in South Africa right now.
     66ERQ - one thing we discussed last week was the integration of the translations and interpreters who were part of the internationalization team. We are thinking about initiatives to have these teams collaborate inside the International work Subcommittee.  We concluded these teams should be combined.
     69Jamie - Ross is moving to Mexico City this saturday.  This saturday is the regular meeting at dkg's house.  They'll be discussing budget and draft work plan.
     70Saturday they will upgrade the Horde webmail system.  And continue the Debian upgrade system - starting with Malcolm which hosts a large chunk of our members. The other upgrades will happen in March and April. 
     71The APC gathering will be May 28 - June 1 in Barcelona. 
     72Ross - we've had some email issues - and Jamie and Ross are working on implementing changes.  this is regarding email providers that block email servers.
     74Stephen - talking about sip  switch accounts to be for all members and authenticated in the same form as xmpp
     76ERQ - interest for several LC members for CVCRM training. How is this going to be handled?  Also interest in Mexico city.  Perhaps there could be an intiative to bring techies to train in Mexico.
     77Jamie - initial goal is to allow Alfredo use the current installation to do media work.  This will extend to Hilary and Abi.  We will have to do additional trainings, but that will be about how organizers can use our system rather than a general training.
     79Alfredo - has the tech group began developing it's budget?  Is there a ballpark?
     80Jamie - plan is in draft form.  He can send a link.
     81Alfredo - we'll want to talk about budget in this meeting.
     83Decision and discussion items
     84Alfredo - I want to talk about the LC meeting.  This meeting can become extremely contentious.  There are many areas that the organization is struggling with - identity, future, etc.  We should have a frank discussion of all our work.  We should figure out a way to make this a productive discussion, holding on to the family nature of the organization to keep the conversation from degenerating. We should be mindful that we're all here for the same purpose.  The other thing is as coordinators, to be conscious of what we're walking into.  The Outreach budget will compete with other budgets, so one discussion is were we accomodate each other or how we can raise the income of the organization. 
     85There should be a review of all of our work and as for reaction to the document.  Alfredo is willing to share and accomodate his group's plan with everyone. 
     87Jamie - I think the goal is good to make our reports as consistent as possible. 
     89Hilary - I think everyone should be giving a review not just the staff
     90Alfredo - I think this is more about political vision than just about the staff to give the LC more info about who staff is.
     92Alfredo - I want to talk about perspective.  Before the LC meets, we have to make some moves about how we are refocusing on net neutrality over surveillance.  We have the track on AMC, working with Joe Torres on writing the network gathering statement.  We also have our proposal for netroots nation.
     93Jamie - I think we need to take it on a case by case basis.  It will depend on the audience.  For the AMC we should stick with surveillance because that's what we started with.
     94For netroots nation - that's a good question.  I think we want to put forward the idea that will make the biggest impact.  Has anyone on the call been to netroots?
     95Dana has.
     97mv - it's from daily kos - a yearly kos conference.  now it's the big progressive media conference.
     99Jamie - Left Forum was also announced.
     101Alfredo - netroots nation is controlled by the democratic party. lots of corporate speakers.  we are organizing a cabal of lefties - sita, becks, emi, amalia from amc to go.  nobody wants to go. Pushing a particular theme will help.  He can't get folks to get excited.  It will be in July in Detroit two weeks after the AMC.
     103Hope 10 is also this year - Hackers on Planet Earth.  Usually in Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC.  This is already on the calendar.
     105mv can add anyone to the list.
     107In march - Alfredo is going to RightsCon for free in SF.  After that, Gunner and Aspriation are putting on a one day event on surveillance in March.  These are events we haven't been to before.
     109In June - at the AMC, May First has proposed a mega event - a streamed event featuring Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Angela Davis and Mumia
     110We're taking that on to try to plan.  I wish we could do that scale event at Left Forum, but I'm not sure we can.
     112We need to promote the these of taking back the internet (which might overlap with tack back the tech - APC's gender project).  But reclaiming the internet should be our theme. 
     114Abi - we did a panel at left forum that got people in the room.  About the corporate takeover of the internet  - prosecution of activists and hackers, etc.  it was pretty popular.  Left Forum has a rep as stodgy communists - anything about the internet will have a big audience.
     116LF panel from 2013:
     118Alfredo -  I want to do something innovative.  It would be great to talk about a liberated internet - envision what a free internet would look like and how to put it together.
     120Abi - question isn't about getting workshop in, but about getting people to come.
     122Alfredo - perhaps do something in partnership - MFPL + NLG
     124Abi - we should brainstorm on topics for a list of workshops.  What we're lacking is an understanding of what net neutrality is.  Thinking about doing both things is a good idea - it's relatively low stakes.
     126mv - another forum is the Brecht Forum and think about project with them. 
     128Hilary - there's a whole new staff and leadership there.
     130Alfredo - they were a strong ally but our contacts have shifted with Liz leaving the organization.  The Brecht Forum may leave May First and may close given their financial situation.  we should struggle to keep them in. One way is to offer events that we can pull people towards.
     132ERQ - I forwarded another statement on net neutrality to the list. 
     134Alfredo - the Free Press one is the more prominent one in this country.  Free Press will go to the FCC and MAGNet will get very involved.  They want to redefine telecommunications service as a common carrier.  But the FCC probably won't make that change.  Wheeler probably won't fight because it gives them more power over pricing.  Jamie's proposal is the proper response - the only way to keep the internet open is to deprivatize it.  No one else has taken this position. 
     136Erq - Left Forum could be the best place to have a debate about net neutrality.  We can identify different campaigns with different positions and discuss the different approaches and raise awareness on OUR position and the implications.
     138Alfredo - going with the NLG would be a good possibility and a useful and popular workshop if phrased properly.
     140Stephen - Have lawyers outside of popular events at the Left Froum,saying you can't get in without paying as a promotion fee.
     142Alfredo - Do we develop a printed piece?
     144The corporate line is the corporations created the internet.  But this is a lie.  The human race invented this so it's outrageous to say they can say what we want to see.
     145The internet is a human resource and a human right and that's what we should put forward.  This position will cause a lot of controversy. 
     147Let's push this discussion forward to a future meeting to keep it going
     150Faciliator and note taker for next week.
     151Jamie will facilitate next week
     152Alfredo will take notes.