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    4141User accounts are the building blocks of many other services. For example, if you want to create an email account, you will first need to create a user account.  Then, you can create an email address, selecting the user account you just created from the drop down menu.
    4344 === Email Address ===
    4546When creating an email address, your first task is to fill in the email address by entering the "user" portion (the part that comes before the @ sign) and then choosing from the available list of "domain names" (the part that comes after the @ sign). If you leave the "user" portion blank, then you can create a catchall email address, in other words, any email sent to address that doesn't exist will go to this account. The catchall email address is not recommended, since it will most likely fill out with lots of spam.
    4749Next, enter the recipient.
    4951You can choose a recipient from the drop down list of existing user accounts. This choice is the most common way to set up an email address. Note - only already created User accounts show up in the drop down menu. To create an email address with this option, you must first create the user account and then create the email address. After you have created the email address, the user can login to their email at using the login and password that was created when you setup the user account.
    5154On the other hand, you can also specify an external or internal email address or a list of email addresses and user accounts. For example, if you wanted all email sent to the address to be forwarded to Jose's Gmail account, you would specify " in the recipient field. You can also put a combination of email addresses and user accounts. If the user account jose already exists, you can enter jose,, in the recipient field.