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Membership Organizing


The control panel has a tagging functionality. Here are some of the properties of tags:

  • Tags apply only to memberships as a whole. No other object in the control panel can be tagged
  • Users must have site-wide admin access to see, add, or remove tags.
  • Tags are space delimited, so place do not try to use tags with spaces in them.
  • Tags can be added to a member on all pages showing a single member's resources by filling in the box next to the button that says "Add tag".
  • Tags are visible on all pages showing a single member's resource and appear as hyper links. If you click on a tag, you will see a list of all members with the same tag. This search is the equivalent of Clicking Top => Search and entering in the search box: tag:SEARCH-STRING
  • When searching for a tag, partial matches are returned. You can use this feature to your advantage. For example, if you use the tags mm-2012-attend-yes, mm-2012-attend-no, mm-2012-attend-virtual, you can find all the members tagged for the membership meeting with the search string: mm-2012 (this will also show tags mumm-2012 or mm-2012-13 so try to choose unambiguous tags).

This feature is flexible. Please document uses on this page so we can all be consistent in our use of tags

  • Outreach - When organizing an event that we want members to attend, please use the following tags:
    • indicate the person responsible for contacting the member using the format EVENT-DATE-outreach-PERSONRESPONSIBLE (e.g. mm-2012-outreach-jamie for the 2012 membership meeting)
    • indicate the response using the format EVENT-DATE-attend-{yes|no|maybe|virtual} (e.g. mm-2012-attend-yes)
  • Needs contact - Sometimes we see indications that a member may be considering leaving the organization (for example if their DNS is pointing elsewhere or the ask a question on support suggesting they are considering leaving. Support team members should tag these memberships with: needs-contact, add a note explaining why (see [#Notes notes below), and send an email to to alert the staff. When a staff person has contacted the member, they can delete the tag and write a follow up note.


Like tags, notes are only visible to and can only be added or edited by users with site-wide admin privileges. Notes appear as a tab in the member area (where invoices, contacts, etc are located). Notes are designed to keep track of any special exceptions or contact history with members. For example, if a member has negotiated a special membership dues rate or has an explanation for a complex payment plan.