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     1= Red Item State Transitions =
     3Objects such as hosting orders, members, contacts, invoices are simple since they do not require any action to take place on a node. They only exist in the database. Most of these objects have just two states: active or deleted.
     5Red items, however, are different since a state change is first recorded as pending in the database. Then, asynchronously, the node attempts to implement the change state and reports a new state based on the outcome. 
     6Below is a description of the state changes. Most are self-explanatory.
     8transfer-limbo is a state specifically used when a hosting order is being copied from one node to a different node. Normally, two items with the same unique identifiers cannot co-exist on two different servers.  transfer-limbo is an exception - in which to items can co-exist if one of them is set to the transfer-limbo state (items in this state cannot be modified - they can only be deleted once the transfer is complete).
     10== UI initiated transitions ==
     13|| || || ||
     18|| || || ||
     19||disabled||>|| pending-update||
     20||disabled||>|| pending-delete||
     21|| || || ||
     22||soft-error||>|| pending-restore||
     23|| || || ||
     24||transfer-limob||>|| pending-delete||
     26== node initiated transitions ==
     30||pending-insert||>|| hard-error||
     31|| || || ||
     32||pending-update||>|| active||
     33||pending-update||>|| soft-error||
     34||pending-update||>|| hard-error||
     35|| || || ||
     38||pending-delete||>|| hard-error||
     39|| || || ||
     40||pending-restor ||>||active||
     43|| || || ||