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    15A "consulta" in Latin American movement terminology is an event featuring an exchange of ideas and perspectives on a specific topic or area. While it does not necessarily end in any specific action being decided upon, its purpose is to pave the way for future united activity.
    37The concept was developed to differentiate between other types of gatherings (congresses, conferences, meetings, etc.) and what the movement in various Latin American countries thought was called for: a session of exchange in which one brings one's thinking to offer to others while proceeding on the premise that the thinking of all others is as important and valid than one's own and that the only way real complete thinking can be derived is through collaboration that meshes the thinking of all.
    5 Essentially, the Collaborative Democracy workshop software was developed using "Consulta" principles.
    7 For the reasons mentioned in our "Call", we believe Hemispheric collaboration is now essential to the survival of the human race and that the consulta process is one way of starting that collaboration.
    9 We are proposing to all progressive people and movements in the Western Hemisphere that we engage in a year-long consulta process using the Collaborative Democracy software and ending in a major "consulta" at the Foro de las Americas to develop a program of economic rights and collaboration for the Hemisphere. There are many ways this can develop but one way we envision it is a series of local, national and regional consultas on the topic and a "reservoir" that collects the results. As we move towards the final Consulta, we'll be working on consolidating that thinking and bringing it to that event. How we do that is part of what we need to continuously discuss.
    11 It's not an easy process to think about because it's unprecedented but the Internet now gives us a movement capable of making this happen and we have developed its technology and organized ourselves into the Internet in order to do things like this.
    13 So we should do it.
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