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Setup Debian Server for May First/People Link

The process for setting up a new MFPL shared server is now automated via new server setup scripts.

These scripts are all designed to be run from your local workstation, not from the server being worked on.

To setup a new server:

  • checkout the admin svn repository.
  • Change into the admin/scripts directory
    cd admin/scripts
  • Run the execute-directive command, passing the name of your target server (the hostname, not fully qualified domain name) and "standard" to indicate that it should install all directives in the standard profile:
    ./execute-directive <server-name> standard
  • Add the server to the list of mail servers in village. Village is available via svn. The file to edit is trunk/village/ihtml/main.ihtml.
  • Add the server to the server lists for both Horde/Imp and Squirrel mail by editing the following files: