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Clarified instructions in the "What server am I on" section

How do I configure my email program to work with May First/People Link?

The following links are to help screens for setting up and configuring your email client and webmail programs to work with May First/People Link's email systems.

What server am I on?

Before you can set up your email client to work with May First, you need to know which server you are on. If you aren't sure, follow these instructions to find out:

  1. Log in to the Members Control Panel with your MF/PL username and password (the same that you use to check your MF/PL email.)
  2. On the right side of the page beneath the menu, find the text "Your primary host is:" – your server's host name is displayed in place of PRIMARY-HOST.
  3. Note your primary host name, and you'll be ready to go. In the examples below replace PRIMARY-HOST with the address of your actual primary host.

Using Webmail

The easiest way to check your email is to use our webmail program. To access your email via webmail, simply go to:

Choose your primary host and then enter your username and password.

Using an Email program (a.k.a. Mail User Agent)

All email clients need your settings for incoming mail and for outgoing mail. Your incoming mail will be either POP or IMAP. The choice between POP and IMAP depends on your own preferences, but if you aren't sure what to choose, and you plan to use one primary computer most of the time, we suggest you stick with POP.

The settings below should get you going, but if you get stuck or your eyes are already glazing over, try looking up your email client in the list of "how to" items below.

Your username and password you set up when you created your email accounts.

POP and IMAP settings

Encryption: SSL
Port: 995 (for POP) or 993 (for IMAP)

SMTP (Outgoing mail) settings

Encryption: TLS (or STARTTLS)
Login method: plain or login
Port: 587
Requires authentication: yes

Instructions for Specific Email Programs