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Communications Workflow

This document describes the way MF/PL communicates with the public, including instructions for updating our web site and sending email via our CiviCRM database.

We publish information primarily via three mediums:

  • Our web site
  • By email
  • Through social networks

Each medium has a spanish and english channel.


Almost all content starts on our CiviCRM site: (running Drupal/CiviCRM).

We create original content by adding new Articles to the site.

All articles added must be designated with a language setting (spanish or english).

You may also translate any article from english into spanish or vice versa. You may publish articles in just one language, but whenever possible it is preferable to create an article in one language and then translate it into the other language.

Lastly, we also have content on - we have both an english calendar and a spanish calendar. Any items added to either calendar will show up on their corresponding language version of the web site.


Publishing to the web site

All articles added to will automatically appear in the left column of the News section of our home page (MFPL News) and will be permanently added to our web site.

In addition, you can add the tag "callout." The web site will print the title of the most recently edited article with the tag callout over the main picture on the home page and in the sidebar of all internal pages.

In addition, we pull in via RSS feed many of our members news (which appears in the center column). You can add feeds by editing the config-en.toml or config-es.toml configuration files for our web site.

Publishing via email

As of now, you must copy and paste each article into the CiviCRM mailing interface to send an email.

Coming soon: click a button on the article page itself to automate sending by email.

Publishing via social networks

As of now, you have to send notices via social networks manually.

Comming soon: click a button on the article page itself to send a message to a social network.

See also the technical details of the new web site.