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See: #8357 is the civicrm home for May First / Peoples Link organizing and outreach. It is installed on

The site is live and the admin user's password is in the keyringer. Feel free to create your own local user.

The drupal modules are handled via git: git://

The live code is checked out on rodolpho in /home/members/mayfirst/sites/

In the web directory (/home/members/mayfirst/sites/, sites/all is symlinked to /home/members/mayfirst/sites/


If you want to hack:

  • Checkout: on your local machine
  • Setup a local Drupal 7 instance in the web directory, creating both Drupal and CiviCRM databases named: mfpl_outre_drup and mfpl_outre_civi
  • Copy civicrm.settings.php from the live site, changing the database passwords and paths
  • Run the sync bash script to get up-to-date data in your local install


The CiviCRM database is synchronized with the red control panel membership data. It is a one-way sync from the control panel to CiviCRM. It happens in two parts:

  • On, a cron job (/etc/cron.d/red-outreach-sync) executes /usr/local/sbin/mf-dump-membership-data, which places a copy of the membership dump data, in json format, into the home directory of /home/outreach-sync
  • On rodolpho (where lives) a cron job executes /home/members/mayfirst/sites/, which copies the json data over to rodolpho, and then executes:
    drush mfc-import-members --import-file=/home/members/mayfirst/sites/
    drush mfc-import-contacts --import-file-contacts=/home/members/mayfirst/sites/ --import-file-users=/home/members/mayfirst/sites/

The drush commands are defined in the mfc drupal module - which is part of the git repo (see above).

The following information must be edited/deleted/added in the Control panel and not in CiviCRM to avoid being overwritten:

  • Membership names (both individual and organizational)
  • Membership status
  • Contact names and email addresses and descriptions