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-- is the civicrm home for May First / Peoples Link organizing and outreach.

To establish this site, we removed the previous installation of drupal 6 and the old civicrm as they were not in use.

We then installed through the CP drupal 7 and while in the CP created the database for the eventual civicrm installation.

After the Drupal installation was done I followed the instructions on the civicrm page which asks for the module to be installed like typical modules for drupal.

Following the module installation and minor tweaks to directory permissions, the CiviCRM installer was run.

With the help of jamie who, moved all the civicrm module files from sites/all/modules to sites/all/modules/civicrm then disabled civicrm, deleted the civicrm entry in the settings table and then enabled it again to get it working.

The site is live and the admin user exist the password is in the keyringer