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Bios Changes

We make the following changes to our server Bios/Startup configurations:

  • Redirect output to serial console
    • For Dell
      • Serial Communication:
        • Serial Communication: On with Console Redirection via COM1
        • Redirection after boot: disabled
  • Ensure virtualization is enabled (Processor settings)
  • Ensure that the disks that are installed are detected (NOTE: if you are using a disk controller, your disks may be plugged into the controller, not directly into the sata ports that the server knows about. So - if bios doesn't see disks, don't panic, keep bios configured to "off" for the SATA ports)
  • ensure any SATA ports in use are in AHCI mode, not IDE or Compatibility mode.
  • Boot settings: Only booting from disk
  • Disabled PXE option from Integrated Devices
  • Do not report keyboard errors
  • Disable F1/F2 prompt on error
  • AC Power recovery (either last or on)

With Dells - hitting F10 brings up the Unified Server Congifurator which runs hardware diagnostics and other Enterprise crap we don't need.

BMC Firmware: hit ctl-e to change the configuaration.

  • System Services: disabling this setting turns off the F10 menu item (we left it enabled)
  • LAN User Configuration - Account Access: we changed to disabled and IMPI LAN privilege to No Access to prevent it from trying to get a IP address
  • Scroll to bottom - IPV4 - disable