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     1We have a [ BigBlueButton] (bbb) install located at [] where you can visit to test the demo room
     3If you would like to use bbb on your account you can integrate with your CMS, since members tend to use Drupal and Wordpress below are the instructions. For any other [ CMS please see the following this link]. In either case please open a [ support ticket] requesting for the bbb salt number.
     5In your CMS instance you will then be able to create and administer conference rooms on your own.
     9Please install the following [ bbb module]
     11Then visit inside your drupal instance Administation --> Configuration --> Big Blue Button meetings
     14Base URL
     19Security Salt
     20<see trouble ticket>
     23Determine if you want the bbb session to be inline on the page or to be an entire separate window
     24Click |Test Connection|
     26Verify that you see the following at the top of the page
     29The connection has been established succesfully. Please save your settings now.
     32Then click |Save configuration|
     34Now go to
     35Structure --> Content Types --> Add content type
     37Give the Content type a <Name>
     38Scroll down to |Big Blue Button settings|
     39Configure the default setup for the meeting room
     41(Freeswitch needs to be configured still please skip |Dial number| )
     43Click |Save content type|
     45Now you can Add content and create the desired meeting room.
     50Please install the following [ bbb plugin]
     52Then go to Settings --> Big Blue Button
     54In the |BigBlueButton General Settings|
     56input the following
     59URL of BigBlueButton server:
     64Salt of BigBlueButton server:
     65<see trouble ticket>
     68In the |BigBlueButton Permission Settings|
     70set the appropriate permissions for the different users, you make want to leave the default settings
     72In the |Create a Meeting Room|
     74All fields are required choose the name and appropriate passwords
     76Then click |Create|
     78You will be quickly provided a sharing link and the room will load.
     80You can now use the Widget settings to add a Big Blue Button join widget to your homepage for visitors to join the meeting.
     82*** Note ***
     84We are still working on the recording side it is functional but we need to setup scripts to delete the recordings after they have been downloaded. If you do record please keep this in mind and delete recordings after you have downloaded them.