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superbender the IRC notification daemon

superbender has taken over from our faithful bot bender. It monitors RSS feeds and posts them in our chat.

superbender lives on jojobe, runs as the user bender and fully resides in /home/bender.

It runs sopel and the sopel-rss module.

It runs via systemd (/etc/systemd/system/bender.service) and can be restarted with:

systemctl restart superbender

superbender's config files are in jojobe:/home/bender/.sopel.

It was setup by running the following commands from #mayfirst after it connected:

.rss add #mayfirst tickets
.rss formats tickets f=fl+fatl
.rss add #mayfirst nagios
.rss add #mayfirst service
.rss add #mayfirst wiki


Now, with jojobe running jessie, sopel was installed by hand and dropped into /home/bender/. A symlink was created from "sopel" to the actual directory which has the version number as part of the name. To upgrade, download a new version and re-create the symlink.

When jojobe is upgraded to stretch, we can pull in the debian package, move the configuration directory from /home/bender/.sopel to /etc/ and probably even purge the user bender.