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bender the IRC notification daemon

"bender" is a ​jsonbot written in Python.

"bender" is running on (the ​linksunten server) and controlled by runit.

"bender" can be restarted via

sv restart jsonbot

"bender's" config files can be found at yser:/home/jsonbot/jsb-config. The IRC configuration can be found at yser:/home/jsonbot/doc/bender-rss-config.txt.

This is bender's current config related to MF/PL:

!join #mayfirst

!rss-add Tickets
!rss-setitems Tickets title link author
!rss-watch Tickets 60
!rss-addchannel Tickets bender #mayfirst
!rss-start Tickets
!rss-setsleeptime Tickets 60
!rss-addmarkup Tickets all-lines 1
!rss-delmarkup Tickets tinyurl

!rss-add Wiki
!rss-setitems Wiki title link author
!rss-watch Wiki 60
!rss-addchannel Wiki bender #mayfirst
!rss-start Wiki
!rss-setsleeptime Wiki 60
!rss-addmarkup Wiki all-lines 1
!rss-delmarkup Wiki tinyurl

!rss-add Nagios
!rss-setitems Nagios title
!rss-watch Nagios 60
!rss-addchannel Nagios bender #mayfirst
!rss-start Nagios
!rss-setsleeptime Nagios 60
!rss-addmarkup Nagios all-lines 1
!rss-delmarkup Nagios tinyurl

!rss-add Service
!rss-setitems Service title
!rss-watch Service 60
!rss-addchannel Service bender #mayfirst
!rss-start Service
!rss-setsleeptime Service 60
!rss-addmarkup Service all-lines 1
!rss-delmarkup Service tinyurl