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Backup Design

May First/People Link operates both onsite and offsite backup servers. In each colocation center, all servers copy their data to the onsite backup and the offsite backup on a nightly basis. The backup is run via backupninja and configured via puppet.

Onsite backup servers


In telehouse, we have the physical server barron, which runs the virtual guest iz. Iz provides the primary onsite backpu in Telehouse. We also have a legacy onsite backup servers robideau and blanco.


In XO, all servers backup to

Offsite backup servers

Our offsite backup servers are designed to be placed behind nat'ed firewalls. They have a runit service that connects them to a server with a static IP address and creates an ssh proxy.


banks is the only offsite backup server currently running. The following connection details can be used for banks:

  • (connect via proxy on
  • (connect via proxy on
  • (connect via proxy on

In order to access banks, please add the following stanza do your ~/.ssh/config file:

Port 2200