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Backup Architecture

Please see our Backup page for users, which provides a general overview of the backup system.

Offsite backup

We currently run one offsite backup server called sittingbull located in our Sunset Park Location and provisioned via a Speakeasy DSL line. This physical machine provides two virtual machines, ali and fannie.

sittingbull has four 3TB disks configured in a RAID10 array, providing a total of 6TB of backup storage.

Onsite backup

In telehouse, we have both blanco and robideau. Each machine has two 2TB disks in RAID1 configurations providing 2TB of total space each for a total of 4TB of space in telehouse.

In xo, we have luisa which as four 2TB disks in a RAID10 array, providing a total of 4TB of available space.

Resources as of 2012-10-14

These number combine unused allocated space plus un-allocated space.

  • sittingbull: 1630 GB available
  • blanco: 292GB available
  • robideau: 1029 GB available
  • luisa: 3920 GB