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    6767a). What is the mission of your organisation?
     69We are a membership organization comprised of about 250 progressive organizations and individuals who individually use the Internet for their political work and activities and collectively pool our resources to provide ourselves quality webb hosting, email and other Internet tools. We do this because we understand the Internet as critical to the movement for social change internationally and as an arena of struggle in which the progressive movement already plays a critical role which must be expanded.
     71We want to preserve the open quality of the Internet, expand its usefulness and use by the progressive movements internationally, build tools that will make it ever more effective for our movements, expand its use as a vehicle for truth and truthful analysis and expand our impact on it.
    6973b). What are the core values of your organisation?
     75Belief in democracy, transparency and respect of all individuals and movements.
     77Complete reliance on and strengthening of collaboration as a natural and productive interaction that is the foundation of all successful political work.
     79Internet work as political work that reflects these values inherently.
    7181c). Please describe the programme areas and/or activities your organisation implements.
     83Our work is divided into two parts: resource sharing and activism. While they are separate, both are related and viewed, in the bigger picture, as part of the same work.
     85Resource sharing is what would normally be called "services". In this are, MF/PL has been involved in Internet service provision for over 14 years making us one of the oldest "providers" in the world, certainly among the oldest politically progressive providers. But we are not a provider. Aside from membership dues, our members pay nothing for services. Our members collaborate on everything including provider "technical support". All our processes, including discussions about our policies and future plans, are transparently carried on on system that encourage participation by all members.
    7388For each area or activity, please describe the outcomes you are working for, achievements and challenges experienced, and the people (beneficiaries or target groups) who you think have benefited, or will benefit, from your work.