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Apache Solr on is a dedicated Apache Solr Server.

For webmasters

...who want to use as their Apache Solr server

Get in touch

Please write a ticket or contact the tech crew via IRC (Firefox, Konqueror/Safari, Opera 7, Opera, Internet Explorer).

Provide SSH access

You have to ask the admin of your host server to create a new user on the server and add mirabal's public ssh key to the new user's ./ssh/authorized_keys file. mirabal will connect to the host server and provide an ssh tunnel to the Apache Solr server.

Access Apache Solr

You can then connect to the Apache Solr server on

Solr host name: localhost
Solr port: 9080
Solr path: /solr/<sitename>

For admins

...who want to add access for another website to Apache Solr on

There are two things to do on add a ssh tunnel to the host server and create a new Apache Solr site in Apache Tomcat.

Create SSH tunnel

To add a SSH tunnel simply add the login credentials to


Restart the script with

service solr-autossh restart

Test SSH tunnel

Check with

service solr-autossh status

that the tunnel exists.

Log into the server running the website (as solr user) and download with

wget localhost:9080

the Apache Tomcat welcome page from

Create new Solr configuration

Copy the configuration directory

cp -a /etc/solr/conf /etc/solr/<sitename>

If you need a different configuration than Apache Solr Drupal you probably have to change at least schema.xml and solrconfig.xml.

Create new Solr site

Copy an existing Solr core

cp -a /usr/share/solr/testsite /usr/share/solr/<sitename>

Change the symbolic link to the new configuration directory

ln -sf /etc/solr/<sitename>/conf /usr/share/solr/<sitename>/conf

Create a new data directory

mkdir /var/lib/solr/data/<sitename>

Change the symbolic link to the new data directory

ln -sf /var/lib/solr/data/<sitename> /usr/share/solr/<sitename>/data

Create new Solr core

Add a new core

<core name="<sitename>" instanceDir="<sitename>" />

to Apache Solr


Restart Apache Tomcat

Restart Apache Tomcat with

service tomcat6 restart

Test new Solr site

Check that the new core is accessible at