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Apache Solr on

Apache Solr is an indexing and searching program that can replace the Drupal core search engine with a much improved system. is a dedicated Apache Solr Server that is available for use by any May First/People Link member.

Web site Administrators

If you run a Drupal web site, you can use Solr. The first step is to determine if you primary host is connected to our Solr server. The following hosts are currently connected:


If your primary server is not listed, please open a ticket or contact the support team to request having your primary host added.

Once your host is solr-enabled then you can then connect to the Apache Solr server with:

Solr host name: localhost
Solr port: 9080
Solr path: /solr/<sitename>


Below are the steps administrators must take to provide solr access.

On the primary server

Create a new user on the server (called $server from now on) with the user name solr-ssh and add:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDK9Rnog/DuOeFN0gusPadGHtAFs/vrfuNyxsNpakycA/+hkKbgEid/xR4Tbbs25ak03bBJePdCf/PpORcB2rgiFwte4fOAfoXX/VHBnqZLFizhZKPCtG0gstQXTwdvOkx+8p5yPODVQvkqeOJCxF7EAI5B9VgcoJWdh2tQX+e07v/DgRtTs+01re0ZmVxmpGpgRWICdaPms9Hh/DwJT7gs19TpPv1qBgzDTN/z12b/6BRsShk/eEGVwslGF3meFA5+saWPmCSJKKK3Pg0btp3LxLkZfWUtdnVr7ASeJlevnthOPlSMp0ITs6oznhQEjycWK+nBYNUrK+cguiMepe/t solr-ssh@mirabal

to the new user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. mirabal will connect to $server with these credentials and provide an ssh tunnel to the Apache Solr server.

On Mirabal

There are two things to do on add a ssh tunnel to $server and create a new Apache Solr site in Apache Tomcat.

Create SSH tunnel

Log as solr-ssh into the host server from solr-ssh on

sudo -u solr-ssh ssh solr-ssh@$

End the connection with exit

On mirabal, add a SSH tunnel by adding the login credentials (solr-ssh@$ to


Restart the script with

service solr-autossh restart

Test SSH tunnel

Check with

service solr-autossh status

that the tunnel exists.

Log as solr-ssh into $server and download with

wget localhost:9080

the Apache Tomcat welcome page from

Create new Solr configuration

Let's assume your site is called <sitename>. Copy the configuration directory

cp -a /etc/solr/conf /etc/solr/<sitename>/conf

If you need a different configuration than that provided by Apache Solr Drupal module you probably have to change at least schema.xml and solrconfig.xml.

Create new Solr core

Copy an existing Solr core

cp -a /usr/share/solr/testsite /usr/share/solr/<sitename>

Change the symbolic link to the new configuration directory

ln -sf /etc/solr/<sitename>/conf /usr/share/solr/<sitename>/conf

Create a new data directory

mkdir /var/lib/solr/data/<sitename>

Change ownership to tomcat6

chown -R tomcat6:tomcat6 /var/lib/solr/data

Change the symbolic link to the new data directory

ln -sf /var/lib/solr/data/<sitename> /usr/share/solr/<sitename>/data

Register new Solr core

Register a new core

<core name="<sitename>" instanceDir="<sitename>" />



Restart Apache Tomcat

Restart Apache Tomcat with

service tomcat6 restart

Test new Solr site

Check that the new core is accessible with:

links http://localhost:8080/solr/<sitename>/admin/.