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Advanced Control Panel Usage

These directions are for MFPL administrators or members who control their own servers.

The Members Control panel provides extra links from users who are logged in with "server" level permissions.

When logged in as a server admin, you will see three links at the top:

Top  Members Area  Hosting Order Area

The "Top" area provides a top-level view of all of the members on your server. This is where you go to add a new member.

The "Members Area" allows you to locate a particular member and look at their records. Note: if you want to add a hosting order to a member, you should do that from the Members area.

The "Hosting Order Area" allows you to operate on a specific, single hosting order.

The two items most frequently added are: new hosting orders and new members.

The first task is to determine which item you want to add. If the member already exists (you can to a search from the Top area), then you don't need to add the new member, you can just add the hosting order to that membership.

Adding a new member

  • Click the Top link.
  • Ensure that the Services drop down is set to Members
  • Click Add Item
  • Fill in the information. Set Dues to 0 unless you want MFPL to send them dues payment invoices.
  • Click Submit

Adding a new hosting order

  • Click the Members Area link
  • Select the Member from the drop down menu
  • Ensure that Services is set to Hosting Orders
  • Click Add Item
  • Fill in the details (for description, you can put anything you like - e.g. web site)