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    1616   1. Pick a user account to login to the control panel: this user account can be granted admin access - so you can access all accounts in the control panel. This password is the most sensitive - it should only be used for logging into the control panel. You might pick a username with a -cp suffix to it, like jamie-cp.
    1717   1. Pick a user account as your public identity: via OpenID, you can re-use a single user account when logging into or and other services. Be sure to pick a good user account name and don't change it - since it will be public.
     18 1. Secrets - MF/PL strives to be transparent and public, however, certain information is restricted
     19  1. [ Control panel] - by adding your chosen user account to a red_admin_access table in the control panel database, you will be able to view and edit all aspects of all memberships and their services.
     20  1. By adding your monkeysphere user id to our [wiki:puppet puppet configuration] you can be added to the  [wiki:support-team/all-servers-root-access list of people with root on all servers]. We have a set of [wiki:root-guidelines guidelines for people with root access] as well as a draft [wiki:granting-root-access policy on granting root access]
     21  1. You may also have your OpenPGP key added to our [wiki:keyringer keyringer] configuration, which will allow you to decrypt our password file, which contains disk encryption passphrases].
    1822 1. Communication
    1923  1. Once you join, you will be added to our [wiki:civicrm-admin CiviCRM outreach database] automatically