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    2121  1. By adding your monkeysphere user id to our [wiki:puppet puppet configuration] you can be added to the  [wiki:support-team/all-servers-root-access list of people with root on all servers]. We have a set of [wiki:root-guidelines guidelines for people with root access], an [wiki:ssh_security_policy ssh security policy] as well as a draft [wiki:support-team/granting-root-access policy on granting root access]
    2222  1. You may also have your OpenPGP key added to our [wiki:keyringer keyringer] configuration, which will allow you to decrypt our password file, which contains disk encryption passphrases.
     23  1. You will also need write access to our git repository.
    2324 1. Communication
    2425  1. Once you join, you will be added to our [wiki:civicrm-admin CiviCRM outreach database] automatically
    4243   1. Single purpose: we have a number of guests that just provide one or a few dedicated services, such as our freeswitch server, DNS servers, etc.
    4344  1. [wiki:puppet Puppet]: our system for managing servers and services
     45 1. [wiki:install_kvm How to install a new KVM guest]
     46  1. [wiki:how-to/servers/add_ip_allocation How to allocate a new IP address]
    4447 1. Debugging common problems
    4548  1. [wiki:debug-email-delivery email and email list problems]