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     1= Admin Training Manual =
     3This page outlines the information needed to adminster May First/People Link servers.
     5 1. Politics and organization
     6  1. Review the [ statement of unity], [ member agreement], and [ intentionality statement]
     7  1. Familiarize with current political campaigns of the organization and brief history of past campaigns (see [ MAGNet] and [ US Social Forum], [ Allied Media project]...).
     8  1. Introduction to [ leadership committee] and [ membership meeting process]
     9  1. Mexican Coop and Media Jumpstart: legal structures
     10  1. Structure: Membership, Leadership Committee, Commissions and Work teams, volunteers and staff
     11 1. Identity: Many aspects of MF/PL system administration require a login which can be re-used in many places.
     12  1. Your [wiki:faq/email/openpgp OpenPGP] key ensures that all members can communicate via private and authenticated email.
     13  1. [ Monkeysphere]: converting your OpenPGP key into an ssh-enabled key allows us to grant you ssh access to servers easily and with a convenient method to revoke access if your key is compromised.
     14  1. May First/People Link accounts via the [ members control panel]
     15   1. Create a membership: Creating your identity under your own membership allows you to continue with your identity even if you no longer provide system admin support
     16   1. Pick a user account to login to the control panel: this user account can be granted admin access - so you can access all accounts in the control panel. This password is the most sensitive - it should only be used for logging into the control panel. You might pick a username with a -cp suffix to it, like jamie-cp.
     17   1. Pick a user account as your public identity: via OpenID, you can re-use a single user account when logging into or and other services. Be sure to pick a good user account name and don't change it - since it will be public.
     18 1. Communication
     19  1. Once you join, you will be added to our [wiki:civicrm-admin CiviCRM outreach database] automatically
     20  1. Join the [ support-team email list].
     21  1. Join the [wiki:faq/misc/chat IRC Chat]
     22  1. Install [wiki:mumble mumble] and connect to our mumber server
     23  1. Ensure your browser works with [ live] and [ mexcla].
     24 1. [ Ticket system]
     25 1. Physical layout: where are the servers? Where are the data centers?
     26 1. What's a MOSH? How we organize serivces on servers
     27 1. [wiki:puppet Puppet]: our system for managing servers and services