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How do I add video to my Website?

Thanks to Anna at Engage Media for help in figuring this out.

Useful sites:

Steps to take

Below are the conceptual steps to take when publishing video on the Internet.

  • Export in your video editing software's native format
  • Convert your file to the xvid format. For linux users, you can use ffmpeg, Linux, Mac, or Windows users can download mplayer and use the mencoder tool it provides. See Engage Media tutorial for details on the settings.
  • At this point, ideally your web site would be configured to accept xvid files and convert them on the fly to a flash format. However, you can also manually do that using Mplayer, which can convert your xvid file to a flv fle.
  • Your web site should include a flash player (Flow Player is a free software option).

Optionally, if you have linux, you can use ffmpeg2theora to create a downloadable version of your video in the ogg/theora free format.