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How do I add video to my Website?

Thanks to Anna at Engage Media for help in figuring this out.

Useful sites:

Steps to take

Below are the conceptual steps to take when publishing video on the Internet.

  • Export in your video editing software's native format
  • Convert your file to the xvid format. For linux users, you can use ffmpeg, Linux, Mac, or Windows users can download mplayer and use the mencoder tool it provides.
  • At this point, ideally your web site would be configured to accept xvid files and convert them on the fly to a flash format. However, you can also manually do that using Mplayer, which can convert your xvid file to a flv fle.
  • Your web site should include a flash player (Flow Player is a free software option).

Optionally, if you have linux, you can use ffmpeg2theora to create a downloadable version of your video in the ogg/theora free format.