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Adding a server to our subversion server database

We have a record of all servers (and many more things) stored in subversion.

Please follow these steps when adding a new server.

  • Check out the admin svn repository.
  • Create a directory in the servers directory named after the server you are creating. Name the directory using the host name, not the fully qualified domain name (fred, instead of
  • Add the following
    <server-name>/fingerprint: containing the server' ssh fingerprint
    <server-name>/substrate: containing one of: domU, dom0, standalone
    <server-name>/location: symlink to ../locations/<location> 
    <server-name>dom0: if this is a domU, then this should be a symlink to ../<this-servers-dom0>

When you are done:

svn add servers/<server-name>
svn commit