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     1== How do I add a new Drupal module or Drupal theme to my site? ==
     3If you are using the Drupal content management system, there are hundreds of [ modules] and [ themes] to choose from.
     5If you would like to add one to your Drupal site, follow these directions.
     7 * First, download the module or theme from the Drupal web site.
     9 * Unzip the file. If you are using a modern operating system, you should just be able to double click on the downloaded file and it will unzip automatically. If you are using Windows you may need to install [ 7-zip] in order to open the files downloaded from Drupal.
     11 * SFTP into your web site (see [wiki:sftp sftp help page] for more information).
     13 * CD into your directory (note: if your primary host is viewsic, cd into your directory instead).
     15 * Copy module directories into the modules directory and themes into the themes directory.
     17 * If you are running Drupal 4.7 or later you can skip this step. If you are running 4.6, you may need to manually run the table creation script that came with the module (themes do not have table create scripts). Check for a file called mysql.sql in your module directory. If it exists, you will need to execute the sql statements against your Drupal. You can do this by logging into database[wiki:access_drupal_database_directly phpmyadmin] and copy the contents of the mysql.sql file into the SQL box.
     19 * Next, activate your modules via Drupal. Login and click the Administer link and then click the modules or themes link
     21 * If you are installing a new module - don't forget to set the Access permissions!