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    4242And member-driven work is the centerpiece of MFPL's work in coalitions and campaigns and events of all kinds. From our work as leaders of the technology workgroup (37 strong) at the [ United States Social Forum] to our [wiki:internet_rights_workshop internet rights workshop] presented at events like the [ Grass Roots Media Conference], to our Statement of Internet Rights, to coalitions like the one we're building to develop ways to work on political technology hemisphere-wide.
     44== Besides the political contribution, what benefits for members actually get? ==
     46Take a look at our (link memberbenefits)member benefits page for a full explanation but basically:
     48    * your own domains and domain-based websites - members are allowed multiple websites
     49    * optional Drupal installation, a program to help you easily maintain your web site via a web page
     50    * unlimited email and aliases
     51    * up to five mail lists
     52    * all standard ISP hosting tools (such as MySQL, PHP, shell access)
     53    * full access to all our members' sites including the blogs site, the support system and our members' control panel.
     55There is no charge for any of these benefits. You pay your dues and you take and use everything you much of it as you need. There is no limit.
     57== "No charge"? How is that possible? ==
     59Because our pooling of resources (both financial and work) makes it possible. That's why we have the structure we do.
     61== How many members do you have? ==
     63About 250 active with about 400 websites and thousands of emails. We are growing every day.
     65== How do I join? ==
     67Using the form on the "Join Us" page.
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