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Welcome to Tigeron


Tigeron is soon to be May First/People Link's support system. It is currently in development. Please continue using support@… to receive support.

Please help us test the system by entering test tickets.

You can also help by subscribing to the tigeron email list to which all tickets are sent.

How do I authenticate?

Good question! The long term strategy for authentication is discussed in Issue #1. In the short term, there are two ways to get access:

If you have root on moses (the server that is running Tigeron) you can create a username/password with:

htpasswd /srv/trac/tigeron/trac.htpasswd <your-user-name>

If you do not have root, please email Jamie to request a password.

What about permission roles and such?

So far I've created one role called "admin" and given that role TRAC_ADMIN privileges. You can add yourself to that role either with:

trac-admin /srv/trac/tigeron permission add <your-username> admin 

Or by emailing Jamie and requesting it.

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