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    8989==== Membership agreement ====
    91 Members agree:
    93 1. With the Statement and Principles of Unity and try to apply them in their practical and political work
    95 2. To pay dues and other support payments to MF/PL in a timely way
    97 3. To use the Support Ticket system for all questions, including technical support questions, unless there is a security issue
    99 4. To assist, when possible, with answers to tickets on the Support Ticket System
    101 5. To promote May First/People Link as both as organization and an alternative Internet Service provider
    103 6. To support, whenever possible, the use of Free and Open Source Software
     91May First/People Link is a very diverse organization and our Statement of Principles and membership services reflect our goal of uniting all progressive and social justice activists. In that context, our members expect some things from each other and our staff.
     93What members can expect of our organization and staff:
     951 - Our organization will upgrade, maintain and expand all equipment and software based on members' needs and our capability.
     972 - Our organization will assure that all our networks and systems are functional and that, in the case of an outage or problem, our staff will prioritize repairs, fixes and substitutions when necessary.
     993 - Our staff will provide full, responsive and respectful technical support as described in our FAQ.
     1014 - Our directors will communicate with the entire membership regularly and openly on organization issues and developments and report any emergency situations, their status and what we're doing about them to the entire membership when an emergency arises.
     103What our organization and staff expects of our members:
     1051 - As members, we respect the boundaries of taste, decency and respect for all peoples in the content of websites and other communications.
     1072 - Members pay our dues in a timely fashion as one of our key ways of supporting our organization.
     1093 - Members support each others work when and however we can given our own programs, strategies, goals and resources.
     1114 - Members treat our staff with respect and sensitivity to the enormous amount of work they contribute to our organization.
     1135 - Members participate in the growth of our organization by encouraging other people they know to join.
    105115== Principles for Developing Technology for the US Social Forum in 2010 ==