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     150People's Media Center Description
     152Reflecting an alternative vision of media -- that everyone creates news and everyone should be able to record and report on it -- the PMC is a centerpiece of Social Forum thinking and innovation. Developed jointly by the Communications Working Group and ICT, the PMC contains video and audio editing areas, computers for storing media, blogging and other communications, quiet rooms for on-site interviewing, training areas and a distinct briefing area for daily press briefings about the Forum.
     154It's also expected to be a magnet area for journalists, media activists and anyone else interested in media work.
     156All the dozens of computers in the PMC have been donated to the Forum by supporting organizations and have been reconfigured with only Free and Open Source Software, one of the Forum's hallmarks. And ICt Working Group members are on hand to provide technical support when needed and training when scheduled.
     158 * Web Streaming
     160The concept of "Detroit Expanded" takes on a whole new meaning at this Social Forum which is being broadcast live for 8 hours a day to the entire world via the Internet. This is the first Social Forum to do this and we are taking the lead from the recent World People's Conference on Climate Control and the Rights of Mother Earth during which May First/People Link members Jamie McClelland, Mallory Knodel and Maritza Arrastia collaborated with techies from various countries in the Hemisphere to put together a consistent live streaming via the Internet.
     162Part of the Social Forum's task is to put together a system for arranging, managing and creating programming for what is, effectively, a live broadcast TV station. Much of that task falls to the Communications Working Group which is arranging scheduling and producing the "TV Guide" page on the USSF's website.
     164While there are obvious "programming choices" being made, like the opening ceremonies and the nightly Plenaries, many other choices are being made driven by the idea of truly encouraging "people's media" -- shows by participants, on the spot interviews, special programs, multiple workshop shows, etc. All that is part of the ongoing work of the Forum.
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