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    136136== Technology Innovations at the USSF ==
    138  * Website suite
     138 * Website suite --
     140This year's USSF makes innovative and unprecedented use of the World Wide Web and related Internet capabilities.
     142There are now five websites handling the primary information functions, participant and organization registration, workshop registration, display and searching and other Social Forum activities such as the People's Movement Assemblies. All are interconnected and move seamlessly from one to the other.
     144Putting together this swuite of websites was a central project of our ICT team for almost a year -- planning, exploring, researching capability and then finally doing the coding and testing. When the sites were launched, they went into immediate use as thousands of people began registering and Social Forum organizers began publicizing and announcing.
     146The USSF's approach to technology is based on an understanding that a significant part of our life in this country is the result of a vicious and consistent exploitation of the labor and resources of the rest of the world. This has given our society technological capabilities and resources that can be used by the rest of the world to rectify these injustices. Our development of these website resources not only serves the USSF's needs but provides a resource and technology that is shared with the rest of the world.
    139148 * Peoples Media Center Description
    140149 * Web Streaming