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    1414What was learned from this event? One primary lesson was learned, that if you have information, you may be required to turn it over. However, if you have a public policy which states clearly that you do not gather information, and you actually abide by this policy, then you are not required to hand anything over. Servers by default log absolutely everything possible, so by default a webserver or mail server that is setup is involuntarily collecting data on its visitors for anyone to come demanding. As a result Riseup developed log anonymizing patches to make it easier for those who run servers to retain less data. In the United States, there is currently no requirement to retain data on users of a server, but you may be required to provide all data on a user which you have retained. The policy to not log data was accepted by IMC and is something that IMC activists, Riseup and the EFF promote to anyone who is running services for activists.
     16In August of 2004, during the RNC protests here in NYC, the same scenario played out here. The subpoena was for information leading to the posters of a list of RNC Delegates and their whereabouts during the convention. Fortunately, the upstream provider was an ally and fought the supoena with the aid of the ACLU and the EFF and won, even had they not won, the logs were anonymized and would have provided no information whatsoever.