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     1'''A new level of attack on the movement'''
     4The attack on reproductive choice organizations – the National Network
     5of Abortion Funds and its companion sites – whose websites and mail
     6lists are hosted by May First, and the subsequent attack on May First
     7itself, is a new level of attack on our movement. This is an attack on
     8the politics and organizations in the struggle for reproductive choice
     9and justice for women – especially working class and women of color. And
     10it is also an attack on the movement technology organization, May First,
     11which provides technological support for these organizations and struggles.
     13Technology and social media provide much of the connectivity so critical
     14for today’s social movement communication, mobilizations, and campaigns.
     15To go after that technological connectivity and the organization that is
     16the provider takes the attack on the movement to a higher level.
     17The message is loud and clear. Our movement has to understand the high
     18stakes of the current political moment, in terms of our politics and our
     19technological connectivity. They are deeply interrelated, and we have to
     20think and act on them holistically. In other parts of the world, as
     21movements communicated and mobilized through the internet and social
     22media, governments shut them down.
     24Without movement technology – safe from oppositional and government
     25attack – our movement will not be able to remain connected, mobilized,
     26and in political alignment. The intense attack on the National Network
     27of Abortion Funds and its companion sites, and on May First is a
     28question of women’s right to reproductive choice and justice and
     29protection of the technology that connects the struggle. This attack is
     30also an attack on the movement – on all of our struggles and on our
     31ability technologically to safely communicate and stay connected.
     33(Walda Katz-Fishman)
     40Online attacks against women's rights and reproductive or sexual
     41rights groups in particular are not uncommon. Perhaps in the US they are
     42not as common as in other parts of the world. But, in the scope of
     43online vulnerability, sexual rights groups remain at the top of that
     44spectrum and always have been.
     46Second, while this attack against their and our online infrastructure is
     47by no means minor or unimportant, I do want to remind us that women who
     48seek out abortion and those who help them face violence and abuse
     49offline. The murder, rape and violence that is and has been waged
     50against women and men who fight for reproductive and sexual rights would
     51be important to acknowledge. It's a systematic campaign that has been
     52going on for decades. DDoS is merely a new tactic in a much larger
     53campaign of violence against women's bodies.
     55Adding these considerations into the text I believe will better
     56contextualize what we mean by "high stakes". These deeper reflections
     57will also allow us to make the connection between individual/isolated
     58online attacks and offline attacks, all of which are attacks on the