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    1919 * If you are not already using Firefox for your web browser, download it and start using it ( Firefox is free software and supports free file formats.
     20 * If you are a video, audio, or visual producer and you are not already publishing your digital content in free formats, start now. The ogg format is one such format for video and audio. And the png format can be used for images. If you are worried that people won't be able to use the free formats, continue publishing in your non-free formats as well.
     21 * If you are not already hosting with a progressive provider, switch to one. There are plenty around the world. If you are not sure how to find one, ask around or email {{{}}}. Remember: every time you email a link to a commercial provider you are sending an embedded advertisement for that provider.
     22 * Join the movement. Join May First/People Link, the activist, membership-based Internet provider ( Join the Transmission Network to build a free and open video distribution system ( Join the Information, Communications and Technology Committee of the US Social Forum to help build media tools for an active campaign (
    2024 *