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     1= May First/People Link Statement for the AMC 2009 Conference =
     3We have all gathered because we believe in alternative media, its power and potential and its importance in the struggles of our peoples for a
     4better world. We are convinced that it is not only better, more complete and more accurate than mainstream media but that the role it plays, the
     5way it is developed and delivered and the access people have to developing and delivering it make it completely different from mainstream media.
     7And we are here to protect and enhance that difference.
     9But protecting that difference goes wider than the content of the media itself. As the potential for collaborative work and greater demands for alternative
     10distribution broaden, we are finding ourselves face to face with an enormous challenge and a politically critical decision.
     12Like all work, ours contributes to the work of others. The media produced by people here contributes to the software, websites and systems
     13constructed to distribute it and it is there that a choice is made.
     15Most of our community is reliant on proprietary distribution systems -- YouTube, Google and others -- that are owned by large companies whose goal
     16is to control communications as a market and to control expression as a product. With these systems, we give up some of our rights to our own
     17media and we also support systems that aren't open, that are controlled by companies and that can and frequently do engage in censorship and content
     18control without our consent.
     20There is nothing more poisonous than this situation and there is an alternative.