May First/People Link is a membership organization working within, in response to and as part of the civil, progressive, social change and social justice movements in the United States, Mexico and other countries throughout the world.

Its primary work, as an organization, is the development of the Internet as a human resource, the protection of its independence, the defense of people's access to it and the change movement's effective and nurturing use of it.

MF/PL is run by its members who are comprised of organizations and individuals who agree with the organization's statement of unity.


The Members of MF/PL are organizations and indviduals who have joined it. Members in good standing are those members who have paid their dues for the current year and all previous years of membership.

Membership Meeting

The Membership shall meet every year for a period that may include any build-up activities, events or meetings judged appropriate by the standing Leadership Committee culminating in a live meeting during the Fall of the year to:

1 -- Approve the MF/PL yearly political assessment statement

2 -- Approve general work goals for the year based on proposals submitted by members through mesas and individually

3 -- Elect a Leadership Committee of 25 of its members

The Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is the highest decision making body of MF/PL between Membership Meetings.

1 -- Call the members to meeting every year and organize the membership meeting

2 -- Meet within one month of membership meeting to approve the implementation plan for the year

3 -- Appoint an Administrative Committee, comprised of five members, to conduct its political decision-making and ongoing operations day to day

4 -- Elect a Chair or Co-Chairs to schedule LC meetings, prepare LC agendas and coordinate the work of all LC bodies

5 -- Hold periodic meetings, as it deems necessary, to review progress and/or deal with emergency issues.

6 -- Set up workgroups, based on objectives defined at the membership meeting, comprised of MF/PL members and charged with carrying out work.

7 -- Publicly represent and support the decisions of the LC within reason and principle and, in any case, refrain from publicly denouncing or aggressively opposing MF/PL policies and activities.

The Administrative Committee shall:

1 -- Meet weekly to implement the political agenda of the LC and coordinate its work activities

2 -- Participate, through individual members, in all MF/PL work groups and staffs

3 -- Deal with any emergency political decisions and take responsibility for all emergency decisions made

4 -- Assign official respresentation of the organization

5 -- Hire, evaluate and dismiss salaried employees and consultants based on the organization's needs

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