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    1717Colo: 7
     21List of Active Members
     239to5 National Association of Working Women
     24Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the M E
     25Adelante Alliance
     26After Downing Street/Justice Through Music Project
     27Agaric Design Collective
     28Alfredo Lopez
     29All You Ever Think About
     30Amanda Pratt
     31Andrei Morgan
     32Andrew Lynn
     33Animal Freedom
     34Any Baby Can
     35Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media
     36Arnold G. Pinnix
     37Ashley McNamara
     38Audre Lorde Project
     39August Sound Coalition
     41Autonomous Media Project
     42B Interzine
     43B Street Media
     46Bette Braun
     47Bikram Yoga Decatur
     48Black Radical Congress/Freedom Bound Center
     49Black Workers for Justice
     50Blue Stockings
     51Boy I Am
     52Brad Lander
     53Brandworkers International
     54Brecht Forum
     55CAJE Project
     56California Staff Organization
     57Carlos Pareja
     58Casa Atabex Ache
     59Center for the Working Poor
     61Child Welfare Organizing Project
     62Chinese Staff & Workers Association
     63Circus AMOK!
     65City Life/Vida Urbana
     66City Lights
     67Coalition of Immokalee Workers
     68Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled
     70Committee for an Open Discussion of Zionism
     71Committees of Correspondence
     72Community Media Center of Marin
     73Community Partners/CADRE
     74Community Studies, Inc.
     75Community Voices Heard
     76Concerned Citizens For Family Preservation
     77Concerned Musicians
     78Contact Center
     79Correctional Association
     80Crippled Chimp
     81CSEA Local 305
     82Cuba Research & Analysis Group
     84Dave Lindorff
     85David Swanson
     86Debtors Anon
     87Defend Brooklyn
     88Democracy Uprising
     89Desis Rising Up and Moving
     90Detention Watch Network
     91Dj RCola
     92Domestic Workers United
     94Dropping Knowledge
     95East Yard Communities
     96Economic Reconstruction
     97Eva Ulz
     98Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
     100Farmworkers Self-Help
     101Federation of East Village Artists
     103Fitz Reid
     104Free Expression Network
     105Freedom Center
     106Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre
     107Funder's Exchange Media Justice Fund
     108Funders Collaborative for Youth Organizing
     110Gary Schoichet
     111Global Action Project
     112Global Justice Now
     113Good Old Lower Eastside (GOLES)
     114Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
     115Greg Hill
     116Harlem RBI
     117Harold Holzer
     118Health Care Now
     119Historic Districts Council
     120Hugo Ballz
     121Human Rights Project of the Urban Justice Center
     122Hye Jung Park
     123IBEW 103
     124IBEW 567
     125IBEW Local 143
     126IBEW Local 223
     127IBEW Local 229
     128IBEW Local 25
     129IBEW Local 380
     130IBEW Local 457
     134Icarus Project
     135Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
     136Impeach Them
     137Institute for Anarchist Studies
     138institute for applied autonomy
     140Interfaith Action
     141IUPAT DC 11
     142IUPAT District Council 35
     143Jack Aponte
     144Jamie McClelland
     146Jesse Dorey-Ferrara
     147Jessica Flagg for Congress
     148Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
     149Johnny Coast
     150Jon Goldberg
     151Josue Guillen
     152Just Harvest USA
     153Just Listening
     154Ken Montenegro
     155Kopkind Colony
     156LA Crew
     157Latin American Folk Institute
     158Left Forum
     159left turn
     160Legal Aid Network of Kentucky
     161Legal Services Staff Association Local 2320
     162Local 375, AFSCME DC 37
     163Lola Johnson & Mallory Knodel
     164MA New York
     165Malcolm X Museum
     166Manhattan Neighborhood Network
     167Manny Mayi Film
     168Mary Babington
     169Mass. Coalition for Occ. Safety Health
     170Massachusetts Legal Services
     171Max Radcliffe
     172Merchant's House Museum
     173Meredith Slopen
     174Misty Novitch
     175Montana Women Vote
     176More Gardens
     178National Housing Law Project
     179National Network of Abortion Funds
     180National Photovoltaic Construction Partnership
     181National Union of Ogoni Students
     183Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project
     184Neighborhood Preservation Center
     185Nemesis NYC
     187New Jersey Nurses Union
     188New York City Americans for Democratic Action
     189New York City Financial Network Action Consortium
     190New York New Jersey Regional Joint Board
     191New York Taxi Workers Alliance
     192NY Civic Participation Project/La Fuente
     193NY Core
     194NY Media Alliance
     195NYC Aids Housing Network
     196NYC EMS Authority
     197NYC Radical Cheerleaders
     199Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation
     200Open Flows
     201Open Plan IT
     203Paper Tiger TV
     204Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action
     205Paul Mcelhone
     206Paula Rojas (Fanmsabia)
     207Peak Oil NYC
     208People Who Give a Damn, Inc.
     209Peoples Production House
     210Petulla Associates
     211Philadelphia FIGHT
     212Philadelphia Public School Notebook
     213Philly IMC
     214Picture the Homeless
     215Pixel Space
     216Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12
     219Prison Families Community Forum
     220Prison Moratorium Project
     221Progressive Tech
     222Project South
     223Project Word
     224Racial Justice 911
     225Recycle a Bike
     226Red Brick Community Land Trust
     227Regeneracion Childcare NYC
     228Resistance in Brooklyn
     229Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Pro
     230Right to the City
     231Rita Project
     232Ross Glover
     233Safe Streets Coalition
     235Save Access
     236Science Teacher Sarah
     237Seacost Outright
     238Sheet Metal Workers Local 137
     239Sheet Metal Workers Local 17
     240Shire Village Camp
     241Sista II Sista
     242Sistas on the Rise
     243South Bronx Vision
     244Southern Center for Human Rights
     245Southern Public Defenders
     246Southwest Workers Union
     247Spirit of 1848
     248SSEU Local 371
     249St. Patrick's Episcopal Church
     250Student Farmworker Alliance
     252Sunday Supper Club
     253Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors
     254Sustainable South Bronx
     255Sylvia Rivera Law Project
     256Syracuse Cultural Workers
     257Tachanka Tech Collective
     258Teachers Unite
     259Teamsters for a Democratic Union
     260Tenant Net
     261TFG Casper
     262The 103 Advantage
     263The Bridge Builders/CPI
     264The Public Works Project
     265The Shondes
     266The Sistahood
     267The Terrace F Club
     268The Yes Men
     270Tom Soter
     271Tom Soter Writing
     274UA of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 716
     275Ubuntu Films
     276Union Web Services
     277United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 464
     278United For Peace and Justice
     279United Nurses & Allied Professionals
     280United Teachers of Los Angeles
     281Urban Visionaries
     282Victor Rosado
     283Victor Serge Foundation
     284Vispera Internet Consulting LLC
     285Voice Vote
     286Voices for Change
     287War Resisters League
     288War Times
     289Washington CeaseFire
     290WESPAC Foundation
     291Worker Coop Federal Credit Union
     292Workers' Liberty
     293Working for Quality Childcare
     294World Can't Wait
     295World Data Research Center
     296World Social Forum
     297Ya Ya Network
     298Youth United for Community Action