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Transer email addresses to the MFPL control panel

See ticket #6706

  • Enter all user accounts into control panel. Be sure to create usernames that are the same as the first part of the user's current email address
  • Create a map for conflicts (a list laneta usernames that already exist in MFPL so we have to create different ones in MFPL; hopefully there won't be a lot)
  • Configure mx1 to allow login by just the initial part of the email address. It must be backwards compatible - so it allows login by both the initial part and the full email address. This is done by manipulating the /etc/courier/userdb file (which is used by vhc2 to store the encrypted password). I've iterating over every account and simply added an additional line for each user without the part of the username.
  • Configure to relay logins for laneta users to mx1, so any laneta users can ues as their incoming or outgoing mail server. I've accomplished this task by creating a file /etc/laneta-mx1-users that contains a list of mx1 usernames. I've also created /usr/local/sbin/redirect-mx1-users, which runs as part of /usr/local/sbin/mf-get-pop-map. It replaces the target imap server for all usernames in /etc/laneta-mx1-users with Note: this doesn't work for usernames in the map :(. These users will not be able to have the slow transition period.
  • Configure laneta's webmail to login via rather than mx1 (we should hold off on this given that some users on are in the map)
  • Send email to all users asking them to:
    • Change to using starttls for imap/pop and sending mail
    • Change to loging in with just their username
    • Change incoming and outgoing mail servers to:
  • Support may be required during this period to help folks with their changes and also perhaps to exports addresses from Laneta's roundcube to MFPL's roundcube
  • Auto create email addresses in the MFPL control panel for each laneta user in the form:
  • Create hosting order for on gaspar in the control panel
  • Auto create a forwarding address in the hosting order that relays mail from to If a user has more than one email address, they can choose to forward all mail to a single user account, or we can create multiple user accounts in the form This forwarding address will be permanent. It will be transparent to the user.
  • Run script on mx1 that searches for all laneta email addresses that have logged in in the last 6 months and do not have an account on gaspar. Notify all users that they will no longer be able to user their account if they don't join by August XX.
  • Prepare script that copies all email for laneta users from mx1 to gaspar.
  • Ensure no users are logging in directly to mx1 (all users should be logging into
  • At this point, all logins are happening on which is transparently relaying the login to mx1. And all email is being delivered to mx1.
  • At the cutoff time: change the MX record for to point to gaspar; final rsync of all email from mx1 to gaspar; update to relay logins to gaspar.