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  1. Translators are given a user account at by a site admin with the user role "translator".
    1. Translators can login at
    2. Once logged in, use the menu to navigate to Administer > Content management > Translation overview.
    3. Choose texts to translate based on the symbols: "out-of-date translation" or "untranslated" in either English or Spanish, as necessary.
    4. Click the symbol to add or edit the translation.
    5. Edit the translation by replacing the English text with the Spanish translation (and vice-versa, as necessary). For updating a translation, compare the original version to the translation to determine how to update the translation.
    6. When replacing the original text with the translated text of the body field, avoid deleting any html tags, such as
      <a href=""></a>
    7. When finished, click Preview to check the formatting and then Save to complete. Note that Preview will not save your work!
    8. Administrators will publish the translations, translate the menu title as necessary, and remove the checkbox that indicates a translation is out-of-date as necessary.
    9. Any future edits to either the original or translated node requires that the checkbox "out-of-date translation" be activated.

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