-- an MF/PL server is running Debian GNU/Linux version 4.0 with the amd64 architecture, and a Xen hypervisor.

fred's SSH host key is:


Console access

You can get to the console in the usual way.

Fred does allow serial line access to the bios - but there is no warning or on-screen directions - you can access it by hitting F2 on the serial console after reboot.

Electricity usage

All measured using a Kill-a-watt Reader

  • While turned off, it drew 8 watts
  • On boot it goes as high as 199 watts
  • After booting, while syncing the raid array but otherwise idle, it was at 115 watts
  • Idle after syncing, it was at 103 watts
  • With 4 CPU Burn processes running, it read: 139
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