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This is a dedicated domU for the purposes of controlling 8 power outlets in the telehouse rack through a baytech RPC-4 (as described in #186). It was created in response to #755.


Access to carson is via ssh, using public-key authentication only.

carson's SSH host key fingerprint is:



Since this is a dedicated machine with the sole purpose of running cereal, I chose to install debian lenny (cereal is not in etch).

I did a basic debootstrap-style install (similar to that of, but i added etch to /etc/apt/sources.list so i could track linux-modules-2.6.18-xen-686, which will be needed for the 8250 module for the serial port. I also installed udev to manage the creation of the device node for /dev/ttyS1. This is a ridiculously heavyweight solution for a simple task, but it seems simpler to maintain (since udev is becoming ubiquitous).